Photography Benefits 세종오피 오피쓰 세종건마

1. Direction

Photography isn’t just about being snap-happy, making images everywhere you go without putting in too much of thought into those captures. Photography goes beyond that. Being a visual art it is often defined by the vision of the photographer – what he sees, how he sees it and decides to show it to the rest of the world. This vision comes mainly from within, but a classroom teaching environment and a good mentor can help you to some extent.

2. A photography class inculcates the habit of shooting often

Probably you will not realize this yet, but the major reason that budding photographers quit and blame it on loss of interest, is that they don’t shoot often. As a newbie photographer your passion for your new camera and lens will drive you momentarily. You couldn’t even dream that someday you can lose interest in making images. But after some time when that honeymoon period is over, you camera will increasingly spend more time tucked inside the closet.

Soon, one day, you will realize that you no longer feel the urge to go outside and shoot images. You will feel that your smartphone is more than enough to satisfy your creative urges. While smartphones have been responsible for an increase in the number of images being taken, they are not designed for creative photography. There is a limit to what you can do with them. Proper cameras like DSLRs or MILCs are better if you are serious about pursuing photography.

The only way you can avoid this rut and prevent losing what could have been a promising photography career is by shooting often. When you shoot often you keep the creative juice flowing. You force your brain to think how you can make better images or shoot the same scene in a different way to create a different perspective. This can only happen when there is some pressure on you to shoot on a regular basis, which is what happens when you join a photography class.

3. Assignments test what you learn at class

Assignments are an integral part of learning in a photography class. The theories you learn in a classroom environment are best practiced out in the field and that is what assignments are given for. No amount of talk about innovative camera angles, exotic lenses or going beyond the rule of thirds is going to matter much until you put theory to practice.

4. Review of your assignment

Sometimes the best in you can only be brought to the forefront when you are put into a competitive environment. But the competition that I am referring to is a healthy rivalry and not something where you try hard to beat the rest of the pack. Remember you are all learners and your objective is to learn what you don’t know and not to showcase what you already know.



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