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Out of almost all photographic genres, wildlife photography took the longest to develop – the first wildlife photograph was taken in 1906 for National Geographic, almost 70 years after the oldest photographic image ever, because it required faster lenses and higher sensitivity of the film that were unavailable until that point. Today, it represents the largest “section” of nature photography, and it’s dedicated to wildlife and capturing animals in their natural habitats – while they’re eating, fighting or just being. For this type of image-making, it is crucial that the photographer gets to know even the smallest details of an animal’s behavior and habits, as it is very important not to harm the subject in any way whatsoever. Because both the photographer and the animal could end up in danger during the shooting, or because endangered plant species could be destroyed by reckless image takers, there are certain rules imposed to prevent such situations that everyone involved in nature photography must follow.



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