How is Photography Used and What is its Importance? 세종오피 오피쓰 세종건마

The most inventive use of photography I’ve seen up to date was by 2 guys: Bartholomew

“Bartek’’ Zylla and Christopher “Wit” Witkowski from Strzybnica, Poland. Both are

fascinating artists, and very skilled photographers. Using their combined skills, in 2006

they created Stowarzyszenie Projekt Strzybnica, a website documenting in pictures the

cultural events of the town and its neighboring cities, creating a gallery with 1000’s of

photographs, also preserving memories of the town’s past by collecting archival photos,

creating a photography group ‘’Narybex’’for the local youth, giving them the skills and

developing in them a passion for photography.


Last but not least, for the last 11 years, on the Monday following Easter they organize

and bring to life a very special event, called “Group Photo”, it takes place at the

Amphitheater (which they had painted by a Graffiti Artist, and it features local

landmarks). Everyone living in the town is invited, and a photo is being taken. Over 150

people now attend this annual event. Copies of the Group Photo are then being

distributed free of charge to all attendees.


Through their inventive use of Photography Bartholomew and Christopher are

preserving the town’s past, create lasting memories of its present, and are educating the

youth so their photographic legacy will continue in the ages to come.


And that’s the pinnacle of photography’s importance.



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