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In 2011, the metropolitan areas with the best job opportunities for photographers had

the highest populations in the country. Ranking first was New York City, with 2,860

positions earning an average $57,790 per year, or an hourly $27.79. Chicago was next

with 2,080 jobs and mean salaries of $48,870 per year, or $23.49 per hour. In third place

was Los Angeles, with 1,350 photographers making a mean $52,780 yearly, or $25.38 per

hour. The urban area with the highest salaries for the profession was Bridgeport,

Connecticut, at a mean $81,130 per year, or $39 per hour. Following were San Francisco,

California, averaging $66,580 annually, or $32.01 hourly, and Hartford, Connecticut, at an

average $60,570 yearly, or $29.12 per hour.


Self-employed photographers had the same benefits as any freelance professional. They

could set their own hours and choose to work on assignments that either appealed to

their artistic sense, paid more money, or both. Those working for corporations had the

same benefits as any employee of that corporation. For example, full-time

photojournalists at “The New York Times” receive insurance coverage for medical,

dental, vision, hearing, disability and life. They can supplement their medical payments

with flexible spending accounts that collected pre-tax dollars. They also receive paid

vacation, sick leave, personal days and holidays.



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